Artist Rachel Feinstein for Net-a-Porter


Working with sculptor Rachel Feinstein in her studio in TriBeCa surrounded by her sculptures was just a pleasure! I did hair and make up for this shoot, Rachel, a mother of 3, is striking with gorgeous alabaster skin, and a strawberry mane of waves, very much a Pre-Raphaelite beauty. I gave her a light foundation, soft eye with mascara and a stained lip; all that was needed to give a minimal touch and not take away from her own natural beauty and radiance. Rachel’s light and open eyes and her naturally full eyebrows really give her such expression already, no wonder she has been the muse of renowned painter and husband John Currin in many of his paintings!! Check the link below for the images, and interview!

Bjorn Loos in action

Bjorn Loos in action

a quick snapshot of Rachel Feinstein's eminent beauty

a quick snapshot of Rachel Feinstein’s eminent beauty