Naked Eye

Today I went browsing at Sephora for some new colous for my Russian Glamour shoot. Devi in tow, she loves to shop…well let’s say she loves to shop anywhere there is food ;-), and this time she turned on her charms to one of the sales girls and scored a bunch of organic doggie treats! Very Persnickety!! Meanwhile, am at the cash register and suddenly I hear: Luscious Jackson’s song “Naked Eye”!! How cool is that!! I love the song, and the video which I worked on…and still is really eye catching! Look for yourself!

7 thoughts on “Naked Eye

  1. Devi scored treats? Imagine that – shocking! 🙂
    Nice dancing music – cool that you were involved in the shoot.

    • Devi is the no.1 smartie pants, she goes either straight behind the counter in any store, or stands in front and stares the sales person down!! She knows that’s where the treats are!!

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