Behind the scenes of Be magazine’s shoot in Miami

Click on the link above!! Working 4 days to create a humungous fashion story with Isabelle Peyrut and Joshua Jordan and the beautiful Rachel Alexander who easily transformed through 4 hair and make up changes!! Pictures up soon!!

Naked Eye


Today I went browsing at Sephora for some new colous for my Russian Glamour shoot. Devi in tow, she loves to shop…well let’s say she loves to shop anywhere there is food ;-), and this time she turned on her charms to one of the sales girls and scored a bunch of organic doggie treats! Very Persnickety!! Meanwhile, am at the cash register and suddenly I hear: Luscious Jackson’s song “Naked Eye”!! How cool is that!! I love the song, and the video which I worked on…and still is really eye catching! Look for yourself!